.375 H&H, Circa 1992 ~ Dubois, Wyo.
~ SOLD ~

1A. Barrel address++
Jerry Fisher .374 H&H fullstock M-70 Winchester bolt action
Weight scoped: 8 lb. 11 oz. Without scope: 7 lb. 13 oz.
20” Barrel OAL: 41” LOP: 13 ½” ¾” black basket weave Pac pad: ¾”
1. FL LEFT 4-
Fullstock with highly contrasting figure English walnut stock. Checkered 26 lpi. Broken point pattern with mullered borders meeting on top of grip, wrap-around forend. The fullstock has a mid-length forend schnable and is capped with an ebony forend tip shaped with widow’s peak. Two screws retain the forend, one into recoil lug between guard and swivel stud and one 6” back from muzzle. Ball swivel studs are mounted on forend and toe line. There is a vacant gold monogram oval installed in toe line.
3. Right 3-4 scope-

6. Left action PEEP 4-

Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 magnum action fitted with Talley detachable scope mounts. One half turn of levers and the scope slides off to the rear. Talley peep sight slides on rear scope base and locks with tiny plunger. Peep is windage adjustable, elevation can be filed in front sight height.
Peep sight stored in one of a kind, bench made rotating trap grip cap made from standard Fisher grip cap with false screw. (Jerry told me he spent more than a day making this and never did another because it was too much work.) Cavity just snuggly fits peep sight. Trap lid held closed in place with ball detent.
2. Grip checker Right 17+ -

7. Top grip checker+-
Checkered oval headed bolt release, nicely polished action, inside and out. Drop box magazine, I believe holds three down, three-position wing safety. Bolt and follower are engine-turned (jeweled); one-piece box magazine with 3-screw bottom metal is nicely polished inside.
5. Bottom metal bolt knob 6-

Ramped front sight with patridge style blade (Ramp bled one tiny drop of solder flux making one tiny spot of rust I removed and is barely noticeable.)
Blackburn stippled trigger set at about 3 ½ lbs.
SCOPE 3-4 Left-


Model 70, .270WCF

Two of the most respected names in custom gunmaking are etched on the barrel of this Winchester Model 70, .270. Jerry Fisher told me the Blackburn metalwork came into his shop in June of 1990, Jerry stocked and finished the rifle and it was sent out in January of 1992. Even then he had a considerable back-log.

FL -
The previous owner killed a Dall ram with the rifle. He said he cleaned the rifle and put it away after hunting and it is ready to go hunting tomorrow. The bore looks great and the action works with positive slickness. I have not fired the rifle.
The stock shows some wear although not what you might expect from sheep hunting. The stock has some minor dings, scratches and very few dents, the checkering is lightly worn in places and the bluing is light at the rear guard screw from carrying.
Top Grip R-
The rifle is completely unadorned, as Fisher is well known for building hunting rifles. The minor exceptions include tiny scrolls at the bolt-knob checkering, a widow's-peak on the bottom center of the ebony tip and jeweling on the bolt that was popular at the time. The checkering is 26 lpi. point pattern with mullered (grooved) borders and extremely well executed as one would expect of a Fisher rifle. It has a Blackburn adjustable trigger with the shoe nicely filed and textured. The bottom metal is Blackburn with an in-the-guard floorplate release and there is a Fisher steel grip cap.
Grip Checker-
The wood is figured English walnut that Jerry thought was from California. The wood is close to 100% quarter sawn with near perfect layout and grain flow; straight in the forend, curving down through the grip and down through the toe. The walnut has light black smoke throughout and a bit of fiddleback figure at the butt end. The buttplate is a checkered steel Biesen with a trap door and a small, empty cavity. There is a vacant silver-oval installed in the toe line and ball shaped sling swivels studs in the toe and forend.
Stock length L-
The defining desirable feature of Jerry Fishers custom rifles is the overall elegance of simplicity and trimness of form-to-function character. As if all is there, nothing is missing yet there is not an iota of fluff, embellishment or extraneousness. The rifle handles and balances as well as any custom M-70 ever created. Holding this rifle explains why Fisher was the dean of custom riflemakers when I started in the late 1970s, when he built this rifle in the 90s, and why he remains so today. Blackburn as irascible as he has always been, was for decades considered at the top of the metalsmiths as well. Blackburn bottom metal and triggers have been considered the industries best.

Specs. Weigh: 8 lb. 4 oz. Barrel: 23", LOP: 13 3/4", Talley scope rings and mounts, three-position safety, checkered bolt and magazine releases, new looking Leupold VX3, 2 1/2 X 8 matte scope.

A Few Notes About Custom Gunmaker Jerry Fisher

I first visited Jerry Fisher’s workshop in Kalispell, MT in 1977 after completing two years of Gunsmithing School.  At that time many considered Jerry the ‘dean’ of custom gunmakers in America, and he still is in my opinion and most others. He currently works in Big Fork, MT. The above photo was taken on a 2007 deer hunt outside Roundup, MT. Jim Carkhuff and Jerry have been hunting buddies for more than 30 years. Jerry's mule deer was a massive, old 3-point. My pint-sized looking whitetail had a 19" spread, also a very mature buck. All three of us were hunting with custom rifles.
Jerry's rifle is a Pre-64 Model 70, 7 mm Remington Mag. barreled action in a custom stock he made in the 1960s. He has shot many, many head of big game including several Mt. sheep and was quoted in Field & Stream that the rifle had taken, "a whole herd of mule deer". It is deeply scarred and Jerry and Jim can tell a story about each one of them. The checkering is worn flat, nearly off, but the newer Leupold scope in marked "Custom Made for Jerry Fisher" and has a ranging reticle. The piece of inner tube was used as a scope cover. 
Fisher Close rifle & deer head-

JF, Carkoff, SDH deer copy-

Fisher’s Bighorn Brochure
I found the Jerry Fisher “Bighorn” brochure on eBay on a tip from Michael Petrov and purchased it immediately. I called Jerry to ask about publishing the brochure and he laughed and said to mention the prices weren’t current and that he was no longer taking any orders for custom work.
Jerry is currently working on a small Hagn actioned rifle (7x57) for a mutual friend whose Musselshell ranch we all hunt deer on. Future projects will be custom guns Jerry wants to build.
The brochure is from the late 1950s (note no zip nor area codes) and Jerry said it was his first attempt and he wasn’t too proud of it at the time. It is published here as a historic document and statement of the trade at that time.







Custom Small Actioned Hagn, 7X57
Engraved by Barry Lee hands, Barrel contoured, fitted and chambered by Ralf Martini
Completed in early 2012




These photos show a .220 Swift built on an FN Mauser single shot action by Gunmaker Jerry Fisher. I photographed the rifle about 2006 (I believe it was built in the 1980s) and unfortunately did not get much info written down. What I do remember is Jerry telling me this was the rifle that convinced him to develop his “Round Body” trigger guard and floorplate unit. He fabricated this trigger guard from bar stock allowing him to stock the rifle with the rounded belly he thought an improvement for a sporting rifle.
This elegant varmint rifle was built with sporting rifle dimensions and has no adornments excepting ebony heel and toe plates. A later owner had me (against my recommendations) replace the Leupold scope with an Austrian version and the Canjar trigger with a Blackburn.
This rifle exhibits the exceptional standard of quality Fisher has been known for throughout his career.