Joseph Smithson, Gunmaker -- .300 H&H Magnum

This rifle was commissioned by Mark Buchanan founder of Big Bore Productions and it has been hunted extensively in Ethiopia and other near and distant locals. I was fortunately to photograph the .300 in my studio between its inaugural California tune-up pig hunt and its first trip to Africa.

Barrel Name-

Action Right scope- copy
It is wonderful to watch Mark’s videos and see first cabin custom rifles at work in the hunting fields. The most impressive thing I notice is how well the rifles function, one has to take a second look because they function so well it goes unnoticed! All too often we here of “safe queens” and “too nice to take hunting” but those of us who appreciate custom rifles the most, experience the most appreciation when we are hunting them. Two safari’s to Ethiopia with this rifle are documented in the Big Bore Productions video
Ethiopia, Death in the Rift Valley.
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The rifle features a Granite Mt. Arms, Mauser type action Smithson’s proprietary detachable scope mounts and a wonderful stick of quarter sawn Turkish walnut. More details will be forthcoming.
Left Action, sight- copy
Action Right scope- copy
The lesser kudu is one of Africa’s greatest trophies and this one is a beauty with 31” horns.
Buch Kudu-
The Abyssinian bushbuck is the toughest of all the bushbuck to get.
Abbisinian Bushbuck 300 copy copy
Another Ethiopian rarity, a Neumann’s hartebeest!
Buchanan 300 Hartebeest-
And a remarkably elegant Northern Grant’s Gazelle with Team Big Bore.
Gazelle 300-

Forend checker- copy copy
Grip- copy
Joe Smithson (left) went along on that inaugural pig hunt and is show here with Mark and the fearless pig hound.
Joe, Mark, pig
No matter how great my studio lighting is for showing the details of a fine rifle, there is nothing like natural light for showing the beauty of fine walnut. This photo was taken first thing in the morning before the fog lifted. Mark said, “Joe has my stock dimensions down so perfectly, I took this bore running across an open field and killed it with the first shot out of the rifle on game. The .300 swung like a fine shotgun!”
Buchanan pig
And a Santa Rosa Island mule deer with the .300 H&H!
WOW hellofa fine 3 point!!! Congratulations Mark, and congratulations to Joe Smithson for creating such an outstanding custom rifle!

Mule deer 300 mark copy copy