Joe Smithson .275 Rigby
Also known a 7x57 Mauser, this custom rifle was built for Mark Buchanan of Big Bore Productions and has been hunted extensively in North America and Africa. Mark just sent photos of the gun on a hunt to Santa Rosa Island, off the coast of California for trophy mule deer.
The rifle was styled similar to original Rigby’s with a short forend and angled at the front without any tip. The stock is about my favorite type of wood; quarter-sawn English walnut with feather-crotch figure in the buttstock. In the outdoor natural light shots, the fantastic grain really stands out. (Trophy photos by Mark Buchanan.)
Full Length right-

Notice how the perfect wrist grain angles downward mimicking the graceful curve of the grip, a sure sign of a thoughtful stockmaker. Smithson did all the work on this rifle, metal and wood, with his proprietary scope mounts and island sight bases.
Left Action-

The barrel is 22” long fitted to a short length Granite Mt. Action.

Left Stock-

Some think this caliber of custom rifle should be relegated to the gun safe, but Not Mark Buchanan, and I couldn’t agree more!