Jacks’ .275 Rigby
Joe Smithson, Gunmaker

Maker's Mark 15- copy

Granite Mt. action with Swarovski 3-9 x 36 in 1” Smithson proprietary detachable scope mounts.
Action Bolt side 10- copy copy

Metalwork rust blued after hand polishing.
Bottom Metal 12- copy

One fixed, two folding leaf rear sight engraved for yardage.
Rear sight 14- copy

Swivel base with engraved screw heads and gold monogram oval.
Butt Swivel walnut 11- copy

Exquisite English walnut stock quarter sawn with great grain layout and terrific fiddleback figure throughout. LOP 14”.
Cheekpiece walnut 05- copy

Fisher trap grip cap with cover plates for scope bases wrapped in leather.
Cap open 01- copy=

Shooter’s “in-hand” view.
Checker to checker Left 03- copy

Straight bolt handle and nitre blued accents.
Checker to Checker Right 04- copy

Checkering at 24 lpi, nice coverage and mullered borders. Forearm length 8 1/2” .
Forend Checker 13- copy

Grip checkering in the traditional British pattern.
Grip Checkering 09- copy

An aesthetically pleasing yet purposeful rifle built to go hunting.
Stock length cheek 01- copy
With 23 1/2" barrel the scoped rifle wights nine pounds.
FL 01- copy