Smith & Wesson Paper, Catalogs, Etc.

Lately I’ve been collecting various forms of S&W ephemera, mainly catalogs and flyers or circulars. Each is single sided unless otherwise noted.

This is a 1930s era four page revolver catalog, pre-dating the “All Model Circulars” but in the same vein, this is the only one of this era I’m aware of. One large (10”x 16”) sheet printed front to back and folded. No date that I can find but is titled, “
For Three-Quarters of a Century Manufactures of Superior Revolvers”. (1852 + 75 = 1927?)
S&W 193? 1

S&W 193? 2-
S&W 193? 3-

S&W 193? 4

I recently obtained two copies of the S&W 80 Anniversary Catalog (1852+ 80 + 1932). Both copies are identical but have very different pages for Pg. 32 and Pg. 33. The catalogs are 4 1/2” x 6” with black printing on brown colored covers, and the two covers appear identical. 80th Catalog CVR-

These are the two inside back covers with one copy having a stapled in
“Retail Prices, June 1935”, and the second copy has the staple holes but no price list.
S&W 1935 last Pg -

Pages 32-33 get interesting, both catalogs are identical in their entirety except these two pages. As shown, the June 1935 dated version has page 32 showing a target shot with a 22/32 revolver and page 33 showing the Straight Line Single Shot Pistol.
Smith & Wesson, 1857-1945, by Robert J. Neal and Roy G. Jinks dates the Straight Line as being made from 1925 to 1936.
S&W 1935 pg 32-33-
The undated copy had the same page 32 showing the 22/32 target but page 33 shown the S&W “.357” Magnum. Neal & Jinks’ Smith & Wesson dates the 357 Magnum hand Ejector manufacturing dates from 1935 to1941.
S&W 1935 pg 34-35-
The opposite side of the sheet of page 32 is printed on shows the “.38 Military and Police Target” identically in both copies.

The Blue and White and Red and White “All Model Circular” Sheets are oversize (9” x 12”) popular and fairly available.
This one is dated April 15, 1955, the pre-model number era.
S&W 1955 Catalog red-white-
Along with it came this KIT GUN FLYER that no one on the S&W Forum seemed to recognize. Show with my Model 1953 22/32 (pre-M34) Kit Gun. The single sheet measures 8 1/2” x 11 3/4” in the strangely oversize S&W manner. Printed in black and white, it is blank on the back side.
Kit Gun Flyer 1953-

Kir gun with flyer 01-

Also, in the same purchase I received the widely known:
Shall we pay our Cops or Robbers, by Jack Denton Scott from The American Legion magazine. The cover (8 1/2” x 11”) in reproduced below. Black printing on faded white paper.
Cops or Robbers 1955-

Bodyguard Flyer dated Aug. 1956 although the Bodyguard supposedly was not introduces until 1959?
Bodyguard Flyer-

Highway Patrolman Flyer (undated)
HP Flyer-

K-38 Heavy Masterpiece Flyer announcing record shot at World championships November 1954 (dated Aug 1956)
K-38 Record Flyer-

Flyer announcing the introduction of the Heavy Duty .38~44 circa about 1931(?)
38-44 flyer2-

38-44 flyer1-

First page of a seven page brochure introducing the .357 Magnum soon to be called The Registered Magnum (more soon 2/2012)
357 Magnum 1-

Page 7
357 Magnum 7-