Custom Marlin and S&W Set

The only Marlin parts on the custom rifle shown below are the action (altered from straight to pistol grip) the rear sight and the forend cap and yet it is styled after a Deluxe Marlin of the turn of the Twentieth century. Everything else is new including the octagon barrel with the round breech that is a dead giveaway that I incorporate for that purpose.

(The following page shows how the forend was made from a blank.)

Mag. Tube plug-

Pistolsmith Hamilton Bowen collaborated on the New Model #3 Smith & Wesson revolver. He stripped the re-nickle off of the New Model #3, re-chambered the long cylinder from .38-44 to .44-40, had the barrel rebored by Cliff LeBounty and re-fit everything. The revolver was entirely hand polished before Michael Dubber engraved the guns as a set. Both guns were charcoal blued by Turnbull with case colored hammers and trigger guard/lever with nitre blued screws done in my shop.

We created the only Marlin/Smith & Wesson set I've ever seen. There are several Winchester/Colts sets around!Marlin, S&W with knife-

I had dreamed up the set when I acquired the refinished S&W #3 about 1993 and had both the original Marlin M-94 and the S&W NM#3 in my safe for about 10 years before I found a client enthused enough (2005) to bankroll the project. He is a longtime Marlin collector (along with British shotguns) and other high-end firearms. He is also a shooter/hunter and shot a red fox with the custom rifle on his farm in Maryland.
This was one of the most complicated and sophisticated projects I have ever undertaken. The Marlin is for the most part true to original Deluxe rifle excepting a serious upgrade in detailing and overall quality. teh Smith would be called a Frontier Target, if S&W had ever made such a gun(?) The rifle required some 245 bench hours, plus barrel machining, fitting and chambering as well as engraving.
Butplate angle-
Charcoal blued crescent buttplate.
Grip bottom L-
Single line bordered, 24 lpi. checkering with Marlin Deluxe style pistol grip.

Touchmark-Left action- -
Charcoal blued action, rust blued barrel, nitre blued screws and case colored hammer, trigger and lever.

Engraved ITW Dubber-

M-94 SDH right long-