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(I Cannot Answer Gunsmithing Questions! by phone or email! Nor am I taking in any repair or restoration work at this time. Individual firearms evaluations from $125. ~ Please be respectful on my time and need to earn a living. I am accepting consignment guns for sale, mainly custom and high grade guns and rifles particularly from US makers; Jerry Fisher, Maurice Ottmar, Lenard Brownell, Bob Owen... to name a few ~ Thanks, Steve.)

June 2014 Advanced Stockmaking
 Four guys at bench 92 - copy
(Names, ages, location and guns: Dan, 43, Kodiak, AK, Niedner Krag: Lee, 33, Helena, MT, Fisher M-70; Steven, 63, Livingston, MT Custom High Wall; Robert, 53, Anchorage, AK, pre-64 M-70; Stella, gunshop dog)
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Dan and Robert traveled a long way from Alaska to attend this Seminar bringing projects, tools and custom rifles because this is the only advanced custom gunmaking education of this sort available anywhere. Lee came just 90 miles from Helena, but it was his third year in a row. Needless to say I am tremendously flattered!
We spend at least 10 hours a day at the benches in the shop, then most nights reconvened after dinner to raccoon and discuss other custom guns and rifles. We had a shotgun night and fortunately I had an 1869 Purdey gun we examined along with boxlocks, sidelocks and my notorious custom Fox.
The amount of work accomplished truly astounded me and made so many wood chips we had to dump them out in the alley! No one completely shaped a stock but we got very close and I made sure each fellow knew what to do when they got back to their own workshop.

Intro to Custom Stockmaking: Lectures and demonstration on Styles, Design & Drawing, Wood Selection, Finishing Techniques and others based on students projects.
Actual bench work will include making an inletting chisel and scraper (forging, filing, hardening, tempering and sharpening) and Inletting a barreled action. 5 days, minimum 50 hours shop time. Four students maximum. Summer 2015. Fee $1625 ($325 per day). Deposit $500 Due 1/15/15 (non-refundable)

Advanced Stockmaking: The Advanced Stockmaking Seminar was such a success I’m going to offer it again next summer for experienced students who want to shape a gunstock From The Blank.
Students must have the metalwork fully inlet and installed in the blank prior to the Seminar! We will spend a little time discussing final bedding but it will take all week to shape the stock from the blank.
Project by approval of instructor. Two-piece stock for single shot rifle, some shotgun or bolt action rifle. Must be discussed with and approved by instructor.
Specific information about each students individual projects including fitting hardware (grip cap and buttplate) and shaping the gunstock.
Actual bench work will include: shaping a gunstock from a fully inletted and metal installed stock with hand tools. 5 days, minimum 50 hours shop time. Three students maximum. Summer 2015. Fee $1625. Deposit $500 Due 1/15/15 (non-refundable)

(Max three student per group, these fill quickly.
Please Contact me ASAP. Serious inquiry call 406-222-9377)

CUSTOM RIFLES in Black & White
Introductory Offer $60 Post paid
This book is the go-to book for Custom Gunmakers and their clients when choosing options and features while looking at detailed photos on the same page at the same time. It has been out of print for some time and copies are selling for $145 and up on the used book market. Full length views and many close up photos showing details not seen in other books.
Replace your worn shop copy, slightly darker images for a sharper look that first printing!
Order Today! Author signed!
(Soft cover 8 1/2” X 10” format)
Three ways to order:
1. Personal check, Money Order or $60 Cash to:
S.D. Hughes
P.O. Box 545
Livingston, MT 59047
2. $63 to:
3.Order from and Compare to other used copy prices...
There are 16 bolt action rifles, 19 single shot rifles and 4 lever action rifles. They are all sophisticated custom rifles, most beyond the norm for styling, detail work and creativity.
It has been said that the rifles shown set the "benchmark for the trade".

Custom Rifles by: Jerry Fisher, James Tucker, Gene Simillion, Stephen Heilmann, Mark Silver, Tom Burgess, Darcy Echols, Maurice Ottmar, Joe Bautz Dennis Erhardt, SDH, Bob Snapp, Dave Talley, Ed Webber and others...
(many detail views of each project as seen from a gunmaker’s eye, Jerry Fisher Rifle with Round bottom metal)
Fisher round B&W -
This book has been used throughout the trade to discuss and determine features, components and stylistic details between the gunmaker and the customer. Clients learn much about the custom gun trade by reading the stories, examining the full-length views and viewing the multiple detail close-up photos. This is arguably the most influential book on custom rifles ever published and certainly for our generation of gunmakers and their clients.
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For Sale: Mauser Type M Carbine ~~ .30-06

Petrov’s Volume 1 & 2
Custom Gunmaker Books For Sale

PETROV’S PAGES: Michael Petrov is the leading authority on between the wars American Custom Gunmaking and Gunmakers.
The .400 Whelen Story, Pt. 1, By Michael Petrov
The .400 Whelen Story, Pt. 2, By Michael Petrov
SDH Hagn .30-06 Reviewed on the popular Chuck Hawks Web Site

Dakota .257 Roberts ~ ©2013 Steven Dodd Hughes

25-20 labled-
Winchester Low Wall ~ ©2013 Steven Dodd Hughes

Britte R butt-copy-
Britte 12 ga. ~ ©2013 Steven Dodd Hughes

FL Right- copy
Left action-
Hagn .280 ~ ©2013 Steven Dodd Hughes

FINEGUNMAKING.COM is a place to view and learn about custom guns and custom gunmaking. No ads, just information and lots of great photos of fine gunmaking! 
Steven Dodd Hughes, Life Member ACGG

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